I encountered Inner Beauty Hot Sauce in the 1990s at Cambridge, MA's famed East Coast Grill, and was hooked. It's my very favorite hot sauce, ahead of the perhaps six other brands my once-extensive hot sauce collection has ultimately been winnowed down to. But then it went out of production. There was a recipe for it in one of the East Coast Grill's cookbooks and I made up a batch, but it didn't taste the same as the original.

I'm ecstatic to see Inner Beauty back again, and IT'S THE REAL THING. Tastes exactly as I remember it. Give it a try--you'll be wondering how you ever got along without it.


I'm new to Inner Beauty and really glad I experimented. Caribbean fruit flavor with a kick. Used it now on several style sausages, hamburger, chicken, and most recently as a salsa on carnitas tacos. Awesome on each!

Becky K.

So happy to see this product again after 20+ years and even happier after tasting it! Rock on!


Ok, so really enjoyed it. Had to make sure so I've tried on just about everything and still came out liking it.


This is one of my favorite hot sauces. It was unavailable for quite a while, but it's back. The flavor is as I remember it.
And FLAVOR is what this sauce is all about. It's hot, yes, but not overly so. But the flavor is delicious. I use this on and in everything from Mexican food to soups and stews.
Give it a try. The Folks at Todd's Originals are great to deal with, and they deserve kudos for bringing this one back to the market.


This is my second bottle of Inner Beauty. The first bottle came to me via Secret Santa at work and we went through it pretty quickly.

If you fancy a tropical mustard hot sauce this is your buy. It tastes great on chicken, fish, beef, sausage and eggs. This stuff adds so much flavor and is actually saving me money because I can make a sandwich with two pieces of bread, one slice of cheese, deli turkey or deli ham and some Inner Beauty.

Now I'm not the type of guy that adds sauces to steak but I gave it a shot and this stuff was excellent with steak. If your wondering I used Montreal Steak seasoning and grilled the meat.

If you pour a little heavy handed the heat can build up pretty quick but it's not going to ruin your taste buds if you go too far.

10/10 Will buy another bottle.


A spectacular sauce. After a first taste I literally ate half the bottle in one sitting, perfect taste profile to enhance a pizza or other similar indulgence. I've been trying a variety of hot sauces with great gusto in the last year and this one instantly rocketed to my top 5, will definitely be purchasing again. The pineapple inclusion is a staple of great fruity sauces but the papaya and other tropical elements they add to this give it an extra special twang. Solid spice profile as well, will not incinerate you but will leave you heavily stimulated. Anyone who has tried and enjoyed Dirty Dick's or Bigfat's 708 must try this one as well. In particular, where Dirty Dick's is more of a rich red sauce, this is the mustardy side of that coin. Strongly, strongly endorse this one!


My favorite hot sauce for over 25 years! I was first introduced to this by a friend 25 years ago. Since then I dabble with other hot sauces, but I keep returning to Inner Beauty. People keep trying to improve upon this product but it's simply not possible. It's the perfect combination of sweet / savory / spicy / heat. It's perfect on nearly every latin dish I've tried it on a well as burgers.

Adam P.

If you're on the fence, just get it! I love everything about this hot suace. It is a mustard based hot sauce so its wonderful on bratwurst but have used it on sausage and hot dogs. It has a modest lingering heat that does not overpower the flavor.


My favorite hot sauce. It's been over 20 years since I used to dip coconut-battered fried conch into it... I have waited a long time to find it again and am stocking up!

Lynne D.

I'm so excited it's back.....Been looking for it for years and years....Switched to Rasta Fire in the interim, but it just wasn't the true Inner Beauty. Just tasted my first bottle and man, its every bit as good as the original.....maybe even better, it's just been so many years. Todd(?), Thanks for bringing it back!!!! Please find a way for people like myself, that are happy to buy in larger quantities, simple and affordable ways to support your company. Maybe 6 packs or 12 packs? Just throwing that idea out there. Thanks again, Steve

Steven Barry

Great to see this back! It seems like the original to me, but it has been a decade since I've had it. We used to buy this at an organic supermarket named Fresh Fields. They were taken over by Whole Foods, who promptly discontinued it. Hope they can get distribution at Shoprite or even Bravo. For the uninitiated, this is a mustard and habanero pepper based sauce, instead of the more typical cayenne pepper and vinegar based sauce. Gives it a unique flavor, and it is very hot. There used to be 2 flavors---Inner Beauty Original and Inner Beauty Real Hot.


My favorite hot sauce and it's baaack!! First met up with this hot sauce in a tny, very full hot sauce shop in Portland, Maine. Fell in love!! When I went back it was gone and " no longer in production"!!! Later I found out the creator had discontinued making it but I found he'd posted the recipe online. I made a batch of my own and packaged it in small amounts to out in the freezer. Then on my way into Miquels Mexican Restsurant there was a bottle of Inner Beauty Hot Sauce for sale!
Turns out a local Maine newsman has awakened the Beauty and she is now available in restaurants, shops and Amazon!!


I first had Inner Beauty hot sauce in the early 2000's, and decided to buy more around 2005 after not having it for a few years, but sadly it was no longer available. On a whim I searched for it the other week, and here it is. Reminds me of exactly how it tasted 17 years ago. Overall a really fantastic hot sauce. Don't let it go off the market again!

Taylor Watson